Tuesday, August 19, 2014


sad summer is almost over, BUT PSYCHED MY KIDS START SCHOOL IN 2 DAYS!!!
my oldest decided he needed his own room since he is starting middle school.....so, H is taking over the old play room.....
here is where H used to sleep-but now its all for little bro! so we made a few little changes for R.....
(ps-my camera isn't working-these pictures are horrible!!!)
 beds, bedding, arrangement all stayed the same......but, R really needed shelves for all the legos! so i got these floating shelves from target.com and installed yesterday.
also got this cool chair from lex mod....perfect match for the west elm parsons desk.....
added some of his art....
and mine.....
and finally hung some mirrors that had been on the floor for 3 years!

and now the old playroom........
the carpet was disgusting....so we replaced......got rid of my old mural that took me FOREVER!...but we needed a big boy look!! 
here's the before....
and now!
apparently, R still thinks this is the play room! 
so, i didn't feel like buying a new bed....and i didn't want a headboard / bedskirt combo because i thought it was too feminine.....
instead, i had this headboard made, upholstered the box spring, and added little wooden legs to slightly elevate it.
cover your eyes, the black desk is a yard sale find from when we were first married...gotta paint it!

i added this bungalow 5 chest and lex mod chair...

LOVE these sisal boards from ballard designed by suzanne kasler....and my great grandfather's old steam trunk-love it in here!
the sofa was our first furniture purchase when L and i first got married....its seen a better day but i don't care if the kids jump all over it!


  1. Love the trunk with the bulletin boards!

  2. I love it all and I know my boys would too. That gray orange combo is perfect. Mind if I copy er mimick you when I update their room this fall?

    1. Go for it nancy! I don't get sick of his palette (and things go stale for me fast!) pottery barn kids may still havee the duvet on clearance!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  3. This is just an AWESOME job. I used those bulletin boards all over a doctor's office…they are so great. The bed looks and fits so perfectly there.

  4. Wonderful job!! I love the floating shelves for the legos. Great idea, since I almost break a toe when I walk into our playroom with the legos everywhere. :) I also love the upholstered bed in your older son's room. Great job!!

  5. very nice lucy, this very inspiring, thanks your post

  6. very nice lucy, this very inspiring, I love