Friday, March 1, 2013

FARM TABLE FANTASTIC!!!...and more!!

WOW! 300 year old reclaimed wood???? THIS IS AWESOME!!
 i was so impressed today when i visited the workshop of one of my furniture craftsmen.  i've known this particular talent for about 15 years... his work sold in high end stores throughout the washington d.c, baltimore, and richmond areas +!!....and i know these stores sell his stuff for a pretty penny. Fortunetly,  my customers don't have to pay for any overhead so my mark up is a fraction of the retailers ;)
so if you want a well priced BEAUTIFUL custom farm table, round dining table, coffee table, hunt board, etc, LUCY WILLIAMS INTERIOR DESIGN is at your service!

pine or walnut-both BEAUTIFUL options!!!
furniture in the works.....

this is a small section of a huge chunk of wood taken out of an old school in the churchill neighborhood of richmond....roman numerals etched out of the side by the builders 100+ years ago... and the tree rings on the lumber indictated this tree was 200+ years old-LOVE this!
 double pedistal in the works-this guy is good!


  1. My maid of honor has a barn in CT where she restores antiques and you would love what she does.
    Wood is amazing and what one can create. Yes, send me an image of your illustrate for you.

    1. Oh how fun for your friend! I love that kind of stuff....Bet he has some amazing things in that barn!!!
      And I have to find a cool pic of the back of our house....and if my boys cooperate I'd like to throw them in. To think hat I may have a piece of your art in my house is SUPER exciting!!!!!!!

    2. Oh lord- meant to say I bet SHE has some amazing things in that barn!! My typing on this iPhone is pitiful!!!!!