Friday, March 23, 2012

and this time, my own table scape fun!

i really should be working on an estimate......but yet again i am distracted! this time by my desire to rearrange!! i decided to take my dining area buffet and see what it looked like with different lamps / accessories.....lets see which scenerio gives me the best table scape!!

the winner!
 im kind of a minimalist......i see so much of my kids clutter all over the house so i choose to have less on it on my table scapes!
 more table scapes in my house...................

got this table at a yard sale in athens, ga when i was in college-still love but could use a face lift

my side of the bed....yes, there's "us" again.......please ignore.

hub's side.....could our reading material be any different? hehe


  1. going to steal your christmas cactus/shell planter next time I'm there. Ronald Reagan and Snooky....a happy marriage!

  2. haha-i love ronnie but sadly am more likely to read about sad is that?

  3. Lucy, I'm in love with your hanging lantern light fixture and your blog! Any chance you would mind sharing where you got your light fixture? We're renovating our open casual dining room right now and it would be perfect!
    -Sarah from Create Studio

  4. absolutely! it's from visual comfort. so glad you like it...i get lots of compliments on that. i love overscale lighting-my ceilings are only 8' high unfortunely but this really works beautifully for us!!

  5. Great blog!!!! Im in LOVE with your hanging lantern too & your white round table !!!! Do you mind sharing where that came from also? Thanks :)

    1. oops! i dont think i responded correctly (im a blogging rookie!) thanks for the kind words ashley! the round table is from tritter feefer-they have great stuff!!

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