Saturday, December 8, 2012


FINALLY!!!!!! a functional workspace!! do you remember what it looked like before??
you GOTTA take a look at my blog from a few months back.....
i actually stole the guest room next door to my old office-its a way bigger space with another window
before we added on to our house, this was the master bedroom. the king size bed
 was centered on the window. when i had these built-ins made, i made sure we could
still fit a king size bed in between. i love versatile rooms and we are all set just in case
this needs to be a bedroom again someday!!
and the work table? my cabinet guy- he's SOOOOO talented!! it's counter height
which is ideal for drafting....the counter stool is from cb2.

my cabinet guy is FANTASTIC!! i designed these cabinets to house my fabric samples...
the center section has a pull out for additional work surface-LOVE and so functional!!!
the fretwork doors turned out amazing and my anthropologie pulls are awesome!
love that my lamps let me see through to my drapery fabric!

 gotta have a tv.....
and framed it out with some old audubon prints that my parents gave me for
 christmas one year.

got this enormous bulletin board at ballard HUGE-i love!

my "blues" and "tans" fabric library....LOVE opening this cabinet!!

want some help redoing your house? call me!


  1. It's beautiful. I love that bamboo desk..and YES a tv is always a must. You cabinet guy is fantastic. Well done.

  2. perfection Lucy! Love the fretwork on the cabinet. So do we get to see your old a guest room?

    1. You gotta check out the old office at the link in the first paragraph- HORRIBLE!!!!! Posting new guest room once it's finished!!!!! Thx!!!!

  3. Really Great space planning you have done awesome job i love you creativity.

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  5. This looks great! What kind of carpet did you use? I have been looking for new carpet and love this!

    1. Hey kelly! Would you believe this carpet is 7 years old?? It's AWESOME!! It's made by masland and called montego. I've used it in 3 bedrooms in my house.LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

  6. Wow, it looks quite stunning compared to the 'before' pictures. You're right, the cabinets look fantastic and contribute a lot to the ambiance. I love the pattern on the drapery fabric as well. It complements the room quite nicely. Your new office doesn't just look great, but also inspiring to stay here and work with for long periods of time.

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  7. You have a beautiful home office, Lucy. Your lighting fixture caught my eye. It looks simple yet dramatic. It enhanced the sophisticated atmosphere of the room. The window treatment looks fantastic too! Where did you get that? Hmm, you know what’s great about your office space? You have the perfect fixtures! They really make the room feel fresh and grand.
    Clayton Steadham @ Metro Offices

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